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Big dick 3 years ago
I like to get some drinks into my wife and then take her to porn theaters. She is a PTA mom but if I get some alcohol in her and put her in the right position she becomes very "friendly" with other men. I took her to a Christmas party one time and after 3 margaritas I caught her sucking off a coworker of mine in the men's room. I take her to porn theaters after the bar, make out with her in front of everyone until I'm sure we have their attention, I move and let them loose on her.
Doug 2 years ago
My wife loves it when I take her to the porn theater,she sucks us all off and some of us even fuck her
Katrin271 3 years ago
Would love to visit this cinema
Slut wife 2 years ago
I love to kiss my husband after sucking cock, let him taste their cum..
YouCan 1 year ago
Delete or skip the first 3 minutes.
His slit 2 years ago
Anyone know where these are at so my man can take me there
Martin 2 years ago
Wish I was massaging those tits
Watcher 1 year ago
The only other thing I wish they would add to these scenes is neck kissing/maybe hickey necklace.
Hornygirl 1 year ago
If they going to do all that shot suck on them
rusty 2 years ago
she didn't complain at all